Bow Back Shirts
1.) Take Any Shirt You Want, & Cut a deep swoop in the back (or you can cut straight down).
2.) Then take the fabric for your bows, and cut it about 7x9 inches. If you feel fabric is too thin, make sure to fold it. 
3.) Take both ends of the folded fabric, and fold them inwards so they connect, creating the back of the bow. Now glue the place where they touch.
4.) Then, pinch the center, so it creates the bow shape, and hot glue the creases that were made with the pinching.
5.) Take a slip of the left over fabric, and wrap it around the middle, then hot glue where the two ends meet in the back. Now Just hot glue each end of the bow onto each side of the shirt (:

LaceTrimmed Shorts!
1.) Buy a pair of high waisted or regular waisted jeans at your local thrift store. (you can use whatever pants you want)
2.) Cut the paints to how long you want your shorts to be.
3.) (Optional) Take a tweezer and pick some of the thread out so it gives the pants a more distressed look. You can also cut slits in the shorts to create rips.
4.) To get the flowers around the pocket, just go to your local craft store & pick up some flower garlands or whatever you want. Then hot glue around your pocket.
5.) Next, take some lace which you can purchase from any craft store, and cut it so it'll fit perfectly at the bottom of your short.
6.) Just hot glue the lace to the bottom of your shorts, and your done!  

Diy T-Shirts!
1.) Take the shirt you will be using, and crop it however you want. 
2.) Search png on google (or tumblr transparents) which makes sure the picture is transparent & pick the one you want.
3.) Make sure to print the object onto Transparent paper, which you can find at walmart. 
4.) If you are printing words out for your shirt, make sure to put them into A word document, and flip it so that it'll come out regularly on the shirt. 
5.) iron on your trnasparents, and your good to go!
 1.) Search Daisy Png or Transparent on google.
2.) Open up a word document & drag the daisy into it. 
3.) Copy the one daisy you have to make multiple, and then align them into however you want.
4.) Print onto Transparent paper, then iron onto your shirt!!


Diy Starbucks Drinks!
Kit kat Frap: 
Vanilla bean ice cream. Crushed ice. Mocha syrup. Java chips. Whipped cream. Cookies.
1.) Scoop the ice cream and add it to your blender alone with some ice.
2.) Pour some of the mocha syrup and java chips into the blend.
3.) Blend it all together, you can mix it a lot or a little depending on how thick you'd like it to be.
4.) Top it off with some whipped cream & crumble to cookies up to add to the top. You can also add some more mocha syrup onto the top.

Cotton Candy Frapp
Vanilla bean ice cream. Raspberry syrup. Milk. Ice. Vanilla extract or Vanilla syrup.
1.) Add 2/3 of milk
2.) Then add 2tbsp of the vanilla & 2tbsp of the raspberry syrup.
3.) Add 1-2 (1/4 cup each) scoops of the vanilla bean ice cream.
3.) Then Add 3 scoops of ice, but it really depends on how thick you want yours to be.
Then just add some whipped cream onto the top if you want (:

Shammy Shakes!!
Vanilla ice cream. Milk. Peppermint extract. Green food coloring. Cherries. Whipped cream.
1.) Add 2 cups of the vanilla ice cream
2.) Take 1 1/4 cups of milk and pour into the blend.
3.) Add 1/4tsp of the peppermint extract and pour into blend.
4.) Lastly, just ad your food coloring. When thats all don, blend it all together, & top it off with whipped cream (:

Virgin Piña Colada
7-0z of pineapple juice. 2-oz of coconut cream. 1 cup crushed ice.
1.)  Add the pineapple juice, coconut cream & ice into a blender.
2.) Blend together at high speed.
4.) Pour into a glass.
5.) *Optional* Garnish with a cherry & add a slice of pineapple to the edge of the cup
Instead of making a erin, you can take the glen & place it into a possible maker and put into the freezer to make popsicles!!

Cool Lime Refresher
Fresh lime juice. Sugar. Ice. Water.
1.) ( Do not put together yet) You'll need 3tbsp of lime juice, 1 1/2 tbsp of sugar, 1 cup of ice, and 8-oz of water.
2.) In a large glass (16 oz) combine the lime juice and sugar. Stir well until sugar is dissolved.
3.) Fill the glass about 2/3 full of ice.
4.) Then top with the water.
Then stir before you drink. *optional* you can add a slice of lime into the glass.

Strawberry Lemonade!!
8 large strawberries (halved). 2 tbsp white sugar. 7 cups water (divided). 1 cups white sugar. 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice.
1.) Place strawberries into a blender; top with 2 tbsp of white sugar.
2.) Pour 1 cup of water over sugared strawberries. Blend until strawberry chunks transform into juice.
3.) Combine the strawberry juice made with the 6 cups of water left, 1 cup of sugar, and lemon juice into a large pitcher. 
Chill before serving.